When you run a business, be it a business selling used machines, making home made jams, or operating hydrovac trucks , there are many certifications you can get that will help you attract more customers. (Hung up trying to figure out what a hydrovac truck does? Go here) You always want to strive to be the best in your field and being able to tell consumers that you have proper certification and/or training and education will make them want to shop at your business rather than go to a competitor who doesn't have the same certification.

When it comes to people who own a business in the tourism industry such as a boat tour guide company, tour attraction site like Tripadvisor, hotel or cruise boat, there is one specific certification that they go after. That certification would be eco-certification. In order to get your company to become eco-certified you need to prove that your company is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. You want to get eco-certified because it assures travelers that your business and the products you sell are certified, of the highest quality, and that you will provide them with the best nature-based tourist experience possible.

Any house that was bought and turned into a bed and breakfast doesn't necessarily need to become eco-certified but it does help bring in a certain consumer base and the more people you market yourself to the higher volume of business you'll be yielding. Living a "Green" lifestyle has become a popular way of life for many these days and people are always on the lookout to buy products that are eco-friendly and would rather spend their money at a place of business that they know is eco-certified than one that isn't. Becoming an eco-certified business lets you tap into that new and booming market!

What are some other reasons why you should become an eco-certified business? Eco-certification gives your company professional credibility, formally recognizes your business' environmental expertise, verifies your environmental skills and knowledge, gives you a new market to advertise to, gives you national recognition, and allows you offer certain discounts.

As you can see, becoming eco-certified isn't done just to market to the eco-conscious travelers and raise your profit line but it also gives you a variety of other reasons that we mentioned above. Whether you're a home business owner or manage a chain of hotels in a hot tourist spot you should look into getting your business eco-certified. The benefits that come with eco-certification will help you out a great deal in the long run and you will always be looked at as one of the top environmentally friendly businesses in town. How could you not want that?

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