Living a green lifestyle at home can be relatively easy. It's your home so you get to decide what green products to have in your home and you don't have to worry about such things as not having a recycling bin or chemical-free products in your condo whenever you need them. The benefit of owning your own home is you get to be the boss of everything and make every decision pertaining to your home.

Once you leave your home and go on vacation some of that power is lost though. Whether you plan on staying in vacation condos for rent in Puerto Vallarta or hotels in California as part of your vacation you might not be able to continue the green lifestyle you've grown accustomed to back home. There are some options out there for you though that you can look into when booking a vacation that could potentially let you still live a green way of life.

When booking hotels or bed and breakfasts you should look to see if they have pledged to be green in any way. Many hotels have started to look out for the needs of their environmentally conscious clients and have in some ways become green hotels.

Green hotels are hotels that have become environmentally friendly and have implemented programs or practices in their hotels or staff that help reduce waste, water and energy. Some ways that hotels have become green hotels include having recycling programs, installing lighting in their rooms that are energy efficient, reducing the number of linens guest can use, installing low flow showerheads and low flow flushing toilets, just to name a few.

Hotels know it can be tough for the environmentally aware guests to stay somewhere that isn't seen as being eco-friendly and they want to do everything they can to make you feel at home in their hotel just as you would back home or at work.

Read over the features of the hotels you are thinking of staying at to see if they have a green friendly list of features that makes their hotel green. Hotels that are green friendly and welcome eco-friendly guests could bump them up in your eyes and win you over as a guest. It's also a good way to break a tie when you can't choose between hotels. If one is green friendly and the other isn't then you know which one you should go with.

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