With more and more people realizing that coal and oil electricity generation is going to have to stop if we want to put a cap on global warming, there has been increasing interest in solar and wind power. If you live in ordinary suburban home it might seem like you have no choice but to accept whatever kind of electricity your local utility company offers, but that's not the case. There are ways that you can help force the shift over to green wind and solar power. Here are some tips.

The first thing that you can do is to encourage your local city council, provincial government, and utilities company to change to greener practices. You can write letters, go to information seminars, keep up to date on current news, and even attend or organize rallies. Anything that encourages companies to power their machines with green energy, provide green energy to customers, or opposes plans to build more fossil fueled generating stations, even if it doesn't work right away, is a big help.

But you don't need to sit around and wait for the government and big companies to catch up with the mood of the people. You can affect change right there in your own area by generating green power to reduce your dependence on the fossil powered electricity grid. By setting up your own means of electricity generation and staying connected to the power grid, anything you generate but don't use will be used by someone else and you'll actually get a credit on your power bill. If your system is efficient enough, the power company could end up paying YOU!

At first, any resident who wanted to generate their own wind or solar electricity had to design their systems themselves. These days it has become almost commonplace, to the point where you can buy ready made solar and wind kits at Canadian Tire for only a few hundred dollars. There are even companies who will come around and design a system for you based on your electricity needs and your property's suitability to wind or solar generation. This is the more expensive (but also more likely to work) way of doing things.

Of course, some homes will make better candidates for green energy systems than others. In order to generate solar energy, you will need to live in an area that gets enough direct sunlight. Trees that overhang the roof or garden where you installed your panels will hamper their ability to produce power. Likewise, wind turbines will only put out if there is wind, and there are a lot of obstacles (trees, fences, etc.) to wind in suburban areas.

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