Human beings are constantly searching for ways to improve their own lives. Unfortunately, the first solutions we hit upon for making things easier for us are invariably the ones that cause the most harm to the environment. Practices that use resources without replacing them or harm the environment can only be used temporarily. If we want to achieve a permanent balance, we need to find ways for new home builder to create without destroying - to continue on ad infinitum. This is known as sustainability.

Sustainability is a major issue in the current age because we are only now realizing that if we don't change our practices, we will soon push our planet past its capacity to absorb our punishment. The result will be an altered climate where the water is dried up, the sea level has risen, and food can no longer grow in many areas. To prevent this disaster from happening, we must search for sustainable alternatives to common but destructive practices that are allowing us to maintain our lifestyles.

An example of a practice that are not sustainable include burning fossil fuels (such as oil) to power our vehicles and electricity plants. Oil takes many millions of years to develop in the intense pressures inside the earth. It cannot be replaced at the rate we are burning it, which means eventually we will run out of gasoline to put in our cars. In addition, burning fossil fuels also pumps gases into the atmosphere at a rate too high for it to deal with, which changes the way the atmosphere reacts to sunlight.

A sustainable practice is one that can be continued forever without causing irrevocable changes in the environment. The environment is such a complex system that often it requires many years of study before scientists will feel comfortable enough to declare a practice sustainable. Sustainability is needed in all aspects of human life if we are to continue to survive on this planet, including sustainability of population, food growing methods, and electricity.

An example of a sustainable practice would be using renewable energy, such as solar, wind, or water power to grow. Because the electricity is taken from sources that will continue to exist, it is sustainable. Because the materials are grown without chemical insecticides and processed by hand instead of in a factory, they are also sustainable. Even the disposal of soiled diapers is sustainable, as they will break down along with their contents.

If you want to help ensure a sustainable future, choose green or renewable products and practices whenever possible.

HouseMaster Home Inspections (Saratoga Springs) is happily doing their part to help homeowners choose products that consume less energy and save money in the long run for more environmentally friendly materials, when needed repairs are necessary. This is only one method out of many you can adapt to your home to make it more eco-friendly.

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