The topics of energy consumption and what is going to happen in the future seem to go together these days. Scientists have been telling us for years that our way of life is unsustainable and those that worry about the consequences of our actions are looking into renewable energy sources for their Mississauga Ontario real estate or Oakland factories. And even many national governments are getting on board with the need for changes to our energy system. One of the sources that they are currently looking into is wind power.

Wind turbines are quickly becoming an affordable contender to provide energy for one home or an entire neighborhood. One of the pluses of this technology is that it currently only adds about two dollars a month to a homes monthly bill if they are using twenty percent wind power. The American government has even created an initiative that hopes that five percent of the energy used in the country in 2020 will be generated through wind turbines. This source of power adds to the local tax base and turbines can provide a new income source for farmers.

Wind power is a source that is not going anywhere and we can produce it right here in our own backyard. While some risks do exist, it is a relatively safe process and the power it generates has many different uses. It can be used to power a string of homes or could be used in water pumping or for telecommunication, for example. This is also a technology that does not have a lot of hidden costs.

There are some cons that keep the world from embracing wind turbines and putting them throughout neighbourhoods to fields outside of Las Vegas. The turbines are quite noisy and cast a flickering shadow that some may find annoying. They require a substantial bit of open land if you want to mass produce this energy and wind is not something that people can control. Some environmentalists are even concerned that using this technology could cause soil erosion in some areas.

When creating wind farms full of turbines you are taking land away from something else. This could be land that was used for farming crops or could have been the habitat for some animals. This is one of the biggest concerns before placing wind technology in any city or rural area. But some communities have found ways of incorporating wind turbines into their city plan. And they are a renewable energy source that certainly has a lot of potential for the future. We are likely to see many more turbines in years to come all over the world.

A field of wind turbines

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